Super Model Car Sunday 2008 - Page 5


Ken Searle has got a bit of a thing for '40 Fords it seems (wait 'til you see his diorama!) This pick-up was a glue bomb that he picked up off a fellow modeller and after reading a story on how to do fake rust in a hot rod magazine, he thought he'd give it a go. As you can see, the effect was pretty incredible with the rust appearing to be in all the right places.

But it's a hot rod, so the motor has to be clean.

Here is Ken's diorama. You could spend hours looking at this alone. Apart from he '32 pick-up delivering some goods, everything in it is '40 Ford.

But it was the details that got everyone talking. More on those later.

The family rolled up and Luka headed straight for the petrol pump.

We went out for some lunch and when we got back Grant had parked his XP Fairmont up on the lawn - so I took a couple of snaps.

Not bad for a Ford.

Bit of a salt racing theme going on here with my '32 roasdter and the Commer truck from

The truck is practically a catalogue of all the resin parts that they do. Check out that engine, it's nuts!

Paint was a pretty wild metallic, which looked like metalflake in this scale.