Super Model Car Sunday 2008 - Page 4


Glenn John managed to stuff a blown Hemi out of a Muscle Machine into his Suburban, turning it into rapid transit Soccer Mum's car .

Tony started building this car back in 1986 and only just finished it. Sometimes inspiration is a long time coming.

Richard Borozdin builds some of the cleanest models you'll ever see, although he can also build extremely filthy looking semi-trailers. His version of Shirley Shahan's 'Drag-On-Lady' obviously caught me eye as it was the only Rambler/AMC model there (that I saw, anyway).

It was in the 'Scaley Mates' section of the show where modellers build a 1/25th scale companion to their Hot Wheels-size car - or vice versa.

Dave Loye took a Futurama show car kit and turned it into the 60s version of the Batmobile (and the coolest version in my book) just as the original customisers had done back in 1966. Don't go looking for one of these on the shelf at your local hobby shop, Dave had to build most of this from scratch.

Here is AB's pigeon pair.

It's a Rambler, so it gets two photos.

People's Choice went to Rob Todaro - who has managed to win it the last five or six years. His take on what Mad Max would be driving these days got a few tongues wagging. Max in a Holden? Blasphemy!

Looks like it has all the requisite bits, including the twin tanks for the 'Guzzle-line'.