Tug in the Park 2005 - Page 5


Very tidy '34 roadster. Not a big fan of the lack band tyres, but that's easily fixed.

Classy trim is nice as well.

Another one of my all time favourite hot rods. Tony Moore's '32 is a beautifully detailed car that also sees a lot of miles.

And if Tony is somewhere, you'll usually see this roadster parked next to it. Having a brain fade at the moment, so I can't remember Steve's surname, but that's OK, he probably wants to remain anonymous anyway.

Darren Bennett's chopped Chevy again! Most people reckon customs have to be slow, but Darren thinks otherwise and has stuffed a pretty hot 427 under the hood.

Matt Joyce is a pretty prolific builder and this was his latest build. It's now somewhere in Victoria.

A close up of Chad's Pontiac. One of the cooler family cars you'll see cruising around.

I'd never seen this before, but it was a pretty neat car, that's for sure.

Pretty neat touch on the tacho housing. Not sure which part of the car it's off, looks like it might be the hub cap.

Another early Holden, this time an EH. No idea what's under the bonnet.