Tug in the Park 2005 - Page 4


Here's the rest of Dave's car. Somehow Dave managed to fit a fairly healthy big-block under that bonnet.

More of that Mopar-powered hot rod.

Another Bay Area car. I can't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure it's Bill Wood or White or something that starts with a W!

If you can find an early Falcon panel van - or any brand for that matter - that doesn't have side windows cut into it, grab it!

I used to see this at quite a few runs, but never met the owner. The current issue of Street Machine (Dec '07) has an interview with the owner. Turns out his name is Mick Pasalic. We could be related!

What do you do when you keep losing your '60 Cadillac coupe at the shopping centre car park? Paint pearl pink flames on it of course!

In my eyes this is a much nicer design than the '59 Cadillac.

A couple of mates built these two cars. George with the roadster and Paul with the coupe... or was it the other way around?

This was George's first hot rod after playing around with a bunch of Mustangs and other later-model Fords. Did a pretty good job of it I reckon.

A channelled Model A. Love 'em, but could never fit in one.