The Creek - Turn 4

Here's Andrew "Ace" Cannon coming into Turn 4. This is at the end of a small hill, so the cars are coming in pretty quick.

As I have already said, this is a very nicely presented car with a great set of "racing stripes".

As I said, I like this car. Great shot of the classic Mustang lines.

If it wasn't for that damn Commodore in the background, you wouldn't know this wasn't 1965.

Here's a CLOSE UP of "Ace".

He looks pretty relaxed to me.

In case you were wondering, those stripes are actually painted on and have a gold pinstripe surrounding the red and blue. Very nice.

Here's a very nicely presented Anglia 100E. It had a very nicely detailed engine with twin Webers and a finned alloy rocker cover.

I actually had a close look at it a few weeks prior at an outdoor car show and was very impressed with the quality of the build.

It's almost too nice to bang up as a race car.

This BOSS 302 Mustang basically spanked everyone's butt on the day. I don't think I saw it anywhere but out the front all day.
Now here's a car you don't see too often racing App J. We call the "Compact" Fairlanes. Looks like a '64 model to me.

Another nicely done car that would be a neat street car to own.

Here's the reason I love watching Historics. Lots of different types of cars, close racing and great photo opportunities.
This is actually a different orange GT getting chased by a different Mini.

This is turn 4 and it is quite an open corner, so the cars are going quite quick around there.

Here's another shot of that beautifully presented Cortina just turning into turn 4.
Another Cortina coming down the hill.

I don't have too many details on these cars, but they do run a variety of engines. Some run the 1600 "Kent" crossflow, while others have Lotus Twin Cams.

They were the hot ticket in their day and did win Bathurst before the V8's came along.

Here we have a GTR-XU1 Torana. There were quite a few of them running in Group Nc on the day.

These were (and still are) are a great race car, with a triple carbed 202 cid engine, 4 speed and disc brakes of the much larger and heavier Monaro. They soon became the Holden to race

The MIGHTY XY GT Falcon. At the time the world's fastest 4 door production car. It was capable of around 140 MPH!

It's not too often you see a green one (Green is nice...)

Like I said, you don't see too many green ones, but you sure as hell see a LOT of red ones!

This is ANOTHER car that would be great on the street.

Yep, it's a red GT. I know a guy that used to drag race a red GT. His name was Kennedy too, but I'm pretty sure he didn't swap codes and come all the way from Albany (South West Australia) to race.

You never know, it might have been him.

Here's one for the Ford fans. A GT (orange this time!) leading a HQ coupe.
Here's that 4 door HQ that I shot in the Pits.

It looks mighty fine on the track too.


This would have been a great shot. Maybe I can "Photoshop" him out.

I was wondering whether I'd be able to see the look of terror in the driver's face as he tried to turn what is basically a TAXI into a corner at 80 MPH.

I'm not sure, can't tell from here.

This was definitely my favourite car of the meet. It looks sensational, goes hard AND is MOON Equipped!

Yep, I'll take two please.

Now here's something you definitely don't see every day.

The Monaro was actually quite a bit quicker than the Porsche, but they are in different classes, so that's to be expected.

Looks like I tried to get ahead of myself with this shot.

The Chevy Nova on the track.

If you squint a little, it kinda looks like a RAMBLER!

Here's a couple more shots of the Porsche.

I really liked this car. Without all of the wings and rubbish, they're a very attractive car.

On the day it could have done with couple more cylinders maybe.

Kind of looks like it's got a Car Bra on from this angle.

Love the colour combination he's got happening here.

Nope, it's not a V8 Supercar, well not officially anyway.

This looks very trad in it's True Blue finery and the checkered sun shield.

I should have waited a little longer, but I didn't want that FAT GUY to get in the way again!

Here's one of them fancy Twin Cam Lotus Cortinas resplendent in the factory British Racing Green and Gold colours.
This GTR-XU1 was quite a new car. The owner and crew were quite young but they had the car running pretty well.

Don't tell anyone, but that great colour is actually Wild Violet, a Ford colour.

Another Torana, this time in a more traditional paint scheme.

This one looks very "Holden Dealer Team" if you ask me.

...and last, but definitely not least (for this page anyway) is this great looking HQ Coupe.

These are one of my all time favourite Aussie motor cars and one of the best designs to ever come out of the GMH design studios.