The Creek - Turn 12

Turn 12 is the final turn before the LONG main straight. The cars come around the corner in 3rd or 4th gear and can sometimes get a little out of shape.


Here's "Ace" again. He actually did quite well on the day, finishing 1st in his class ahead of a lot of the Group Nc cars.

It not only looks good, it goes hard too. Very important

Yep, I did like this car. Here he is again coming out of the final turn.
This neat little Anglia ran well all day. It is a beautifully presented car and goes well too.
Here it is again pushing hard out of Turn 12. The guys really do push the cars out of this turn and a couple ran a little wide at times.

This is the car that was out front all day. Sorry about the photo, but I was having trouble keeping up with it.

Tough looking car with the goods to back it up.

Here's that nice little GT Cortina again.

Another beautifully turned out car.

Now this is the stuff I like to see. Close racing and lots of different cars... well, these ones are all Fords, but trust me, there's all sorts of things racing around out there.

Like I said, lots of different cars. A GT Ford, a Porsche, a Mini Cooper S, a Mustang, an XU-1 Torana and another Cooper S.

A veritable smorgasboard of automotive tastes.

This HQ Coupe was a hard runner too. Unfortunately, I think his tyres went "off" a little.

You can just see he's getting a little out of shape here, it gets a LOT worse later.

Now it doesn't get much closer than this. Four cars so close you could throw a blanket over them.

The car bringing up the rear of this pack is an Alfa Romeo.

Well it looks like the GT and HQ got away from the Compact Fairlane.

Here's that Alfa Romeo right up the clacker of a GT Cortina.

I'm not sure how this stoush eventuated.

That Mustang had the Mini and Cortina on it's tail for the whole race. It just couldn't shake them.
The GT Falcon and this Mustang are both in Group Nc, although the Mustang give up almost 50 cubic inches to the GT, it still puts up a good fight.

Whoops! Looks like they were going too fast for me again.

For those of you that don't know, the car at the back is running a 202 cid 6 cylinder engine, but due to a lot less weight and really good brakes, it is very competitive against the larger capacity cars.

Well, it looks like the GT just can't shake that pesky little Torana.

My favourite car of the meet. This is one beautifully turned out race car.

It was a shame that he had a minor mechanical problem with his throttle linkage which really slowed him down.

The Chevy Nova was looking good all day. I'm not sure if I'd have the balls to drive a drum braked car flat out to the end of the main straight at Eastern Creek!

Another beautifully presented car, and something a little different.

It's good to see such a wide range of cars at the Historic meets.

Like I said earlier, things got a little bit out of shape for this HQ. Who knows, maybe he's a Speedway background and likes going around corners sideways!

Another nice clean HQ Coupe. They really are a nice design.

Still one of the nicest cars to come out of GM Holden.

This was also a very nicely detailed car, in fact, it was nicer than a lot of street cars I've seen.