John's Picnic 2004 - Page 4



A near perfect door... if you can metalwork like Chopper!
He likes his Y-Blocks. Looks like this one has had the block and heads all smoothed over. Must be for one of them there show cars.
The front of the Spinner. Check out the hooded headlights and the nose job.
The other side got matching custom work. It's good when they do that.
This was one a mildly customised FJ Holden. John and the boys cut it up to figure out the best way to chop an FJ. I'm pretty sure it was stuffed beforehand, so no complaints please.
Big Al Handley drove all the way down from Queensland in his Merc.
See people, it can be done!
Something you don't see too often, a Chevy roadster ute.
Carps filming everything for prosperity. He does that.
Bloody hell Frank, get out of my photos!