John's Picnic 2004 - Page 3



John had recently got hold of this Front Engined Dragster. Has run pretty quick before with big block Chevy power, but that's a Y-Block in there now.

Plan is to get it running for the Hot Rod Rumbler at Easter time. Good Luck mate.

John doing a bit of old school customising. Peaked headlights on a T-Bird, which from memory will be running Jaguar trim. Sweeeeet....
Some of the junk in the shed.
Just rusty old junk. Don't know why he doesn't just throw it all away.

Some people might call this art.

I call it an oxy torch.

That crazy old bastard Carps thought he'd take up pinstriping. Now anything that isn't bolted down gets covered.

Like I said... COVERED!

You've been warned.

This chopped coupe was once a four door. He's not bad this John bloke. Still trying to figure out why they call him 'Chopper'.

Here's Frank again sussing out the mighty Y-Block, and I must admit looking rather fetching in the process.

Are you a GAMB Frank?

Rubbish everywhere!