Perth Hot Rod Show 2002 - Page 3


I have stated before on this website that I like VWs, but they've usually been Beetles.

I'd have this bus in a heartbeat. At least it would fit my boards inside!

This beat up old case was part of the Kombi display. I had to make it such a big pic so you could see all of the cool old stickers. Love the Waikiki sticker.

This stretched Model A has been built just for weddings and other special occassions. Not my thing because you can never get them low enough, but it's a pretty amazing job, that's for sure.
Don't know much about this '39 Merc other than it was a fairly fresh car.
Here is the Willys that belongs to that beautiful blown Hemi. As you can see, it's a pretty serious piece of work and will probably not see much road use due to the licensing rules in WA.
This neat Corvette roadster and the yellow one behind are both owned by Kim Soia. The yellow one has a very serious small block and a 6 speed Richmond box. The white isn't quite as modified, but it is fitted with a Richmond 5 speed.
Apparently Elvis farted on the seat of this Corvette once...
Keith Wilson's big ol' Buick. This one is a factory RHD 4 door hardtop and is quite a rare machine.
It's basically bog stock with the only modification being the pinstriping, but that's just how Keith likes it. He plans on driving the wheels off it.