Perth Hot Rod Show 2002 - Page 4


This neat little coupe belongs to the Szymakowski family. Back in early '97 we were hoping to use this car for the T-shirt for the first show. Good to see it finally make it to the show floor. It turned out real nice.

The engine is a baby Hemi running a tunnel ram and LPG fuel.

My all time favourite Aussie Muscle Car. HEY CHARGER!

This one is very neat with all of the good gear on the engine and a set of 17" polished Americans finishing it off nicely.

Here's a close up of all those good bits. 265 Hemi with a set of triple Webers. For those unfamiliar with these cars, that is how some of them came out from the factory.

Oh Yeah!

Here's a shot from upstairs. Not a bad crowd for a Saturday afternoon.

Back out in the car park I spotted this cool Hudson. Not much done to it, but they look pretty good from the factory. Don't even really need a roof chop, but that shouldn't stop you.
This Tank Fairlane wagon had a neat set of flames on it, but someone should do something about those wheels!
And for all you tough guys out there, how about a bright pink T coupe.

That's it for the 2002 show. Sorry about the delay (it's now late Jan 2004!), but they just kind of slipped through the system... honest.