40th Victorian Hot Rod Show - Page 5



This is another car that gets driven a hell of a lot.

Originally built by Ray Towel in Perth over 16 years ago, the car has covered over 66,000kms.

Current owners, Kevin and Wendy Lewis sent it back to Perth for a bit of a freshen up just before the show.

All they did was repaint the engine (without removing it) and give it a really good clean and some touch ups here and there.

It took out 3rd Top Coupe!

Absolutely stunning '55 Chevy coupe in possibly my favourite two-tone colour combo belongs to Anthony Fabris. Injected 502... Mmmmm...
These goddamn Hemis are everywhere!

This '69 Road Runner had some pics of what it looked like before. Crazy flared guards to fit big fat tyres for drag racing and from the look of it, a fairly hard life on the track.

Amazing job to bring it back.

The unmistakeable lines of a '49 Merc.

This was a very nice mild custom that was new to me.

I liked it, but...

I'm not so sure about the modern styled interior. It's been done very well and has some very clever touches, but give me tuck & roll any day.

Great front end treatment and I even don't mind the wheels. You really gotta have whitewalls on a custom.

I'm just getting mixed messages here...

Great looking FX Holden that looks like it's just copped a set of shiny new wheels.
Dig the old-school triple carb setup though.