Sydney Hot Rod Show 2003

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That was pretty much it for the Hot Rod and Custom side of things. The adjoining pavillion is where the Motorex display was held. This was made up mainly of club displays and other special interest vehicles. These guys don't go to quite the amount of trouble to display their cars as the previous people did, but there are still some very nice cars on display in there.


Here's an Aussie classic. A HR Holden Premier with the X2 option.

This one has had a little bit of extra work done to it...

Like an extra carby!!!

I spoke to the owner and he confirmed that it was an original X2 car, but as he said... "You know how it is, you just leave these things alone."

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

Parked right next to the HR X2 was an HD model, but this one had the oridgy-didge X2 motor in it.

Hiding underneath that big ol' air cleaner are two Stromberg carbs feeding the mighty 179 red engine, which was (and by some still is) regarded as the best "red" motor Holden ever made.

This neat early model 'Stang caught my eye because of the great colour combination of silver with a red interior. One of my all time favourite combinations.

Along with the Butter Chicken from the local Indian restaurant...

I'm also a bit of a sucker for old Valiants. My Mum and Dad used to have a white four door Valiant similar to this one, only it didn't have mag wheels and it wasn't a Pacer...

...and it sure as s#%$ didn't have no Fuel Injected 265 Hemi in it!!!

In case you're wondering, that's a Redline intake manifold. I'd also say, judging by the coil packs, he's also running a fully computer controlled engine management system.

Very nice indeed.

Here's another great Aussie institution, the Ute!

I'm not real flash on my early Mopar model years, but I'd say that, judging by the dual stacked headlights that this is a '59 or '60 model

I bet the Yanks would kill for a few of these.

Totally pointless on a commercial vehicle, but it sure looks nice Mavis.

Probably could be used as a sight when you go pig shooting I guess???

A couple of race car teams brought their transporters down and put them on display. Those big rigs are better presented than some of the cars you see.

The Rocket Industries boys also brought along their Top Fuel dragster, and like all good T/F teams, as Magilla Gorilla would say... "Always carry a spare spare!"

As awesome as these motors are, it's a shame that they've lost so much of their aesthetic beauty over the years due to safety considerations. The top fuel motors of the 60's were truly works of art. These are ALL business, just like the racing is nowadays I guess.

If you wanna be stylin' and pimpin', dis iz da car for you!

The Lincoln Continental, what a fine piece of machinery.

This one was for sale. The number on the back says 0400 341 934. It could say 0408, but I can't really tell in my photo.

Remember, this is July 2003, so if you're reading this in July 2030 and you ring the number, don't be surprised if it's gone!

There were a whole bunch (or should that be flock) of mid 50's T-Birds on display. I really liked this black one with the black and white trim.

Just a neat and tidy XW Fairmont. Basically bog stock, but as they say in the classics "dropped on it's ring".

Well, Alby would say that anyway and I know he'd like this one.

Whoops! Looks like I've wandered back into the main arena again.

This fine Willys is also featured on my website a couple of times.

Another car all the way over from Perth for the Showcar Superstars competition, this car runs hard too. Best time so far is a mid 11 sec quarter mile.

I'm a huge fan of '55 Chevs, and although I'm not a huge fan of billet wheels, I'll let it slide just this once.

Great colour combination and those eight injector stacks make this a little more special than the usual Bel Air coupe.

OK, hands down, the best looking and sexiest Ford EVER built, it's even sexier than the Valiant Charger. The GT40 truly is a legendary car, and even though this one is (probably) a replica, I'd still have it in a heartbeat. The fact that I don't have the $1,000,000 for a real one doesn't have anything to do with it.

I think I'll get me one of these one day, just for fun.

Here's a couple of panoramic shots from the mezzanine level. As you can see, quite a colourful arrangement of cars and a good healthy crowd. Not too busy though so you couldn't get pics of anything.

Here's the other half. As you can see, it's a great venue with the light coming in from those windows around the roof.

That open area towards the top left is where the Motorex display was held.

Well, that's it for another year. Hope you enjoyed my coverage and my usual stupid comments.

Take it Easy.