Sydney Hot Rod Show 2003

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If you're a regular to these pages, you've probably seen this car before. Sorry, but here it is again.

I've never really been happy with the way my pics have turned out of this car, so I figured I would have another go. These ones turned out OK I think.

Favourite part of this car for me has always been the cool 50's style white T&R interior.

Another car that has graced these pixels a bunch of times, Chris Palazzo's blown and methanol injected Hemi '34 roadster.

This car runs a filled block ...just like a drag car, zoomie headers ...just like a drag car and sounds ...just like a drag car! LOUD!!!

A little bit TOO Street Machine for these pages I know, but you've just gotta love that Dinky Di Aussie paint job.

I grew up reading about Howard Astill's cars right through my teenage years and early twenties. He built some very nice cars, but this one I believe was the last one. Wonder what he's doing now?

This roadster was also at last year's show, but it's so pretty, I had to take another pic.

This super sweet Valiant Charger came all the way over the country from Perth to be part of the Meguiar's "Showcar Superstars".

You've just got to love these things. Probably the sexiest looking car to ever come out of an Autralian car factory.

I saw this mighty fine roadster, dubbed "The Todster" down at the Nats. At the time it was wearing it's radial wide whites, but I've gotta say, the "real" whitewalls sure look better.

Aaaaaaargh.... more late model crap I hear you scream. Sorry, but this was one very nice and very clean Mustang.

I also dig anything that has FOUR WEBERS hanging off the engine.

It just doesn't get any more 60's style Aussie Hot Rod than a channelled '34 coupe with a hot Y-Block.

This one was a real beauty, especially with that diamond tuft roof insert.

Here's an interesting take on an Independent Front Suspension.

Not exactly sure how it will all work, but it sure looks the part.

You have just got to love a Pro Stock Ute running red line tyres.

Now this guy's got STYLE!

This '59 El Camino (or as Brad Pitt would say... El Caminoooooo) has all the fruit. Including a sleeping Mexican.

Here's one of Rod Hadfield's other toys. His twin blown Boss 429 Model T Coupe.

This was also at last year's show and there's a couple of pics there of it including a detail shot of the engine.

This was one very clean FJ Holden. Apart from the high tech wheels and mirrors, it was also packing a high tech fuel injected V8 engine.

Well high tech for a pushrod V8 anyway!

There's two or three shots of this pickup in my Nationals coverage, but once again, it's such a nice piece of machinery that I had to take another pic.

The sign writing along the wood bed panels reads "Pasadena Pickup". Not sure what it refers to. Maybe he bought it off a little old lady.

Yet another top Hot Rod that was at last year's show. The reason all of these cars were here again was because it was the final for the "Showcar Superstars" series.

Two Hot Rods, two Street Machines and two Imports were selected from each of the State Title Shows and were invited to appear at the Grand Finale in Sydney.

Boy were we spoiled. :)

Now this is what should happen to all old Austins, or any underpowered pommy car for that matter.

Stuff a HUGE engine in it, and go drag racing. Sure looks like a lot of fun to me.

Another stunningly built car is Laurie Grima's '56 Chevy. Hang on you say, that's not a '56, it's a '55.

Nope, it's a '56 with a '55 front clip. Pretty clever. The detail on this car is fantastic.