Rickshaws on the Foreshore 2003

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This Hudson custom was... interesting.
This apparently started life as a 4 door Dodge... so I've been told.
It has definitely got some nice customising touches. It should be very interesting when it's completed.
The local Fire Brigade even got in on the cruising act.
Crazy flame job on this little roadster. I like it.
I really dig these pickups, especially when they sit nice and low.
It also has a very nice trim job. Love the two tone dash too. It's the little things that make the difference.
This is a tough looking ute. Unpolished Americans, satin black and flames, moon tank. It just screams 60s Hot Rod. I love it.

Not really my cup of tea, but I thought I had better get a pic of it. This was a real high zoot '57, complete with Corvette motor and high tech leather interior.

By the look of it I would say it got brought in from the US, but I'm not sure on that.

This was cool. A Falcon woody.

...with the wood painted on. It also had a nice mix of Hot Rod and surf stickers on the window and a little bit of customising around the taillights.

Very cool. Where's the board?

Another car I've taken heaps of photos of. Mark Brownrigg's Model A. This is one of the cars that has always inspired me and was one of the first "traditional" styled cars to come out of the 90s.