Rickshaws on the Foreshore 2003

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Another factory custom from Mopar. This time a Plymouth Fury.
As with the yellow roadster, you would've definitely seen this before on my website. This one is owned by Tony who is a member of Northern Beaches Hot Rod Club. This car is ALWAYS absolutely spotless. He even drives it to work on occassion.
Here's a very neat '34 roadster that is a little bit special because...
It has a blown Cleveland under the hood. Good to see.
This Chevy was a bit of a beater, but it did have a pretty cool metalflake job on the roof.
You've got to love people who stuff big V8s into tiny little cars like this Anglia.
I had to get a pic of the sticker. Obviously a bit of a dig at all of those stupid "No Fear" stickers that you see plastered all over low performance shitboxes.
Another great looking Model A Tudor. This one is all class and although I'm usually a bit wary of chrome wire wheels, they really work in this case.
It's a Willys!
This roadster was originally built in Perth. It is a real cartoon car with that heavy chop and big rubber rake.
This fancy looking machine belongs to Dennis, VP of Northern Beaches HRC. Flames are by NBHRC President, Dave Hart.
Yet another Northern Beaches member Graham, owns this '35 pickup.