Rickshaws on the Foreshore 2003

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As you can see, the weather was absolutely perfect for the event. Not a cloud in the sky and around 25 degrees.

I'm pretty sure this Chrysler is owned by Trevor May, one of the organisers of the event.

Who needs customising, just buy a Chrysler product and it's already done for you!
There was a band on for most of the day. They were called "The Creepers" and they played some pretty cool rockabilly. Cool flame job on the doghouse bass too.
Here's a nice clean '60 Chev. Would look super cool with some trim shaved and a scallop job.

For those of us that can't fit in a Model A pickup, here's the King Cab version.

Judging by the bubbles on the fenders, this may be on a Hilux chassis.

...and for those of you that like to blend in to the background, how about a BRIGHT pink Cadillac.
Look! A Rambler. This one is a '64 Classic and was a very nice example.
Here's a neat little Tudor that sits nice and low. Another one for the wallflowers. ;)

As I said earlier, there was quite a mix of cars on display. Hot Rods, Street Machines, Customs and a bunch of muscle cars.

This is a pretty serious little Torana.

It's pretty obvious what this guy is interested in. Going real fast in a straight line!
Big Ol' Buick. The two tone is a black over gunmetal grey. Not my favourite colour combo, but it works really well on this car.
If you've checked out my website before you will no doubt have seen this great little roadster. Number plate says it all really. Great looking Hot Rod.