Rat Rod Day 2003

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Another car that I just can't walk past without snapping a couple of pics, is Paul Reid's '34 coupe.

I guess he got sick of polishing those genuine magnesium Halibrand wheels.

Obviously inspired by Jim "Jake" Jacobs very similar coupe, the car was also going to be yellow in colour, just like Jakes. The suede purple was a last minute decision (or so I've heard).
Yet another car I see all the time is Matt Joyce's '32 roadster. He drives the wheels off this thing and has blown up so many '39 transmissions that he can rebuild them in his sleep!
Another Hot Rod I see quite often, but that's probably because he's always driving it, and not just to rod runs. It gets used for daily transport. Excellent!
Here's a '39 Ford convertible that's had a bit of a custom job done on it...

...and here's one with more of a Street Rod flavour.

Both very nice. Like I always say, you just about can't stuff up a '39/'40 Ford.

If you have managed to do so, I don't want to hear about it!

These two jalopies were hiding around the back away from prying eyes. The tub on the right has a Holden front end, but the roadster pickup still has the stock beam axle AND mechanical brakes!

Brave man driving that in Sydney traffic!

A line up of some more of the cars hiding around the back. The EK ute was there last year, the coupe is Rob Napier's beautiful '34, the red roadster is Clayton Davies' from the ACT and the grey coupe also came from the ACT.

Here's a Phantom Phaeton for you. I'm not huge fan of the Vicky body style, but they look pretty good with the roof chopped off!

I'd pretty much seen everything inside the factory lot, so I wondered out on to the oval where there is always a few cool cars too.

I don't mind the odd Beetle, and this one is odd alright! Raspberry red paint with a bright yellow interior and orange wheels.

It should carry a warning sticker "DO NOT DRIVE WHILE HUNGOVER!"

I still like it though.

Just a neat little roadster pickup. I'm sure I've got a pic of this somewhere already, and I'm sure I said the same thing.

You don't see it done too often, but the white wheels look really good. Simple and understated. I like it!

This car was a real piece of history. I heard on the day that the guy who owns it now saw an ad in the paper for a "home built Ford" (or something like that).

Paid not much more than $20,000 for it and drove it home.

it looks as though the car is running a lot of '39 parts. Engine, wheels AND the dashboard.

I also heard that it has not been restored, just tidied up a bit. Check out how good the paint and the bodywork is.

Whoever built this all those years ago did a bloody good job.

Of course, that could all be an urban myth and it's really a fibreglass body with reproduction bits.