Rat Rod Day 2003

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One of the Victorian cars (Castlemaine in fact) to make it up was Rob Carroll's '32 roadster.

Rob has owned this car for quite some time and it has pretty much looked like this for most of that time. I guess he was just a "Rat Rod Pioneer".

This on the other hand is a modern interpretation of a "Rat Rod". It's got some interesting touches to it.

...most notably the black and white checkered LINO on the floor.

I guess it's easy to clean, although if he chops it, it might make it hard to mop!

I guess you could call this a Rat Rod with its flat black paint and traditional styling. The difference being, this one is VERY well built with some very serious hardware in it.

It is owned by Rod Hadfield and he actually drove it up from Castlemaine, a trip of 12 hours or so (probably because 4 hours of it was spent putting fuel in!)

I was chatting to Rod and the trip was not without a few surprises, the main one being a near miss with a Kangaroo. Rod reckoned he "...missed it by a thou!"

Last year's "King Rat Rod" was Joe Rodriguez's chopped '30 coupe. This year it got to go on the T-shirt.

Well done Joe.

Just me trying to get a little arty.

A shot of some of the crowd. The coupe on the left is owned by John Lynch and is running an ARDUN conversion on a flathead.

John is rather partial to exotic engines. His roadster has a SOHC Ford engine in it!

Another car I see all the time and you may have already seen on these pages.

Usually hanging out with that hooligan Joe Rodriguez.

This pickup was also at last year's event, but it didn't look anything like this. I'm pretty sure there's a "before" photo amongst my pics from last year. You'll have to go looking for it though.

It is owned by Al Burgess.

It's hard to tell from this photo, but that is actually a coupe body with a pickup bed in the back.

Engine is a fuel injected Holden V8. In case you're wondering, the axle is just kind of sitting there. I don't think it will be quite that low when it's done. Shame really.

The rather well known "Bomb Disposal" pickup.

Don't know much about it, just looks cool, especially with that very serious chop.

This roadster belongs to Nick Rees, one of the hosts of the event.

Not too often you see frenched '59 Cadillac taillights on the back of a Deuce coupe.

Works OK though.

This is a very famous motor and I wish I could remember why. What I do remember is that it has twin plug HOGAN head which I think were made in New Zealand. The ignition is via twin Grant's distributors (or magnetos).

Top it off with a blower and a couple of carbs and you have yourself one serious flathead!