Rat Rod Day 2003

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Another car that I see quite often, but just can't walk past without taking a photo is Alan Fountain's FN LO 32.

440 Chrysler and SUPER LOW. Gotta love this car. It's as nice underneath as it is on top too.

Here's Stewart Campbell's early '55 Chevy delivery. I took some pics of it at the Nationals, but it's definitely cool enough to warrant another look.

Love your work Stewie!

Sorry... this would be the most high tech car on these pages.

I just liked the big ass daisy wheels.

OK, now we're getting into the good stuff, well... the stuff that the event was started for anyway.

As you can see by the number plate, this is a 1947 Rat ute.

Somewhere there is a restorer rolling over in his grave or cursing the day he sold his 1930 roadster to the nice guy who swore he would never Hot Rod it.

Well... at the moment it's only got a set of steel wheels with big and little rubber and a sticker on the cowl, but that's how it starts!

This guy was trying to get down as low as the custom sled, but that was as far as he got.

Nope, you're wrong. It's not a '49 Mercury, it's a Hudson... with a couple of doors welded shut and a rather severe roof chop.

The custom work was performed by John Katsanis and John's Rod & Custom. The other nice touch is the Big Block Chev.

...and this is what they look like before Chopper gets to them!

This Hudson was also at last year's event, but he parked way up the street.

This year he went inside the gate and even popped the hood to show the MIGHTY TWIN H-POWER of the Hudson flathead six.

In their day they were a very well performing engine, the hot ticket being the 308. I'm not sure if that's what this one is running.

I think that's a bogus speed shop name, but maybe I should get the number. Maybe they give "Dagos" and "Wogs" a discount. :)

Great looking shop truck. I think I need one of those too!

Last year this roadster was a mixture of black paint and bare metal.

This year (2003) it is smack bang in the 1960's with that metallic gold adn the Cragars and whitewalls.

Very cool.

I have been reliably informed (by some old guys that know way more than me) that the instruments are out of a 55-57 Customline. I thought they looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't figure it out.

Check out the control knobs. They're tiny little skulls. How cute!

Another Humpy Holden, this time with an early race car feel.

I don't think it's an actual race car as there isn't a roll cage or anything in it, well... it's not racing at the moment anyway.

Besides, wasn't #53 Herbie the Love Bug's racing number???

A lineup of some of the cars that made it up from Victoria. Pretty good effort, as it's a 10 hour plus drive.