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Like I said before, I love 46-48 Fords. I also like the flame job on this one. It's traditional, but different... kinda... you know what I mean.

Now here's a car I do know something about. This Vicky belongs to Matt Joyce, who also owns a flamed '32 roadster that has appeared on my web site before.

I saw Matt the week after the run at a pub and asked him about the scallops. He said he had done some serious "panel replacement" and that the scallops were there to take your eye away from the repairs!

I dunno, looks OK to me.

I was about to run out of film, so I trudged back up to where I'd parked the car. On the way back I noticed this cool old Hudson (hey, it's almost a Rambler) parked right at the end of the street.

Once again, don't know diddly about it, but it's a pretty cool looking rig.

This wild little Topolino was parked right near the entrance with a For Sale sign on it.

Sure looks like it would be fun.

As I was chattin' away to someone I hear what sounded like a Top Fueler coming down the alleyway.

Nope, just Chris Palazzo in his '34 roadster.

Blown and injected methanol burning Hemis sure do get people's attention!

Check out the crowd.

Here he is shutting it down.

Check out the guy in the background with his finger in his ear trying to get his hearing back!

This thing is LOUD!

As you can see, there was a pretty good crowd there.

Looking the other way out of Ray's office window (it's alright, I asked him first).

Unfortunately that's not tyre smoke hazing up the picture. All those people are waiting for the Sausage Sizzle.

Now I know I've shown this car before, but I'm pretty sure you're not sick of it yet.

Super cool '60 Buick belongs to the same guy that has the Hemi powered '34. Nice contrast I think.

No wonder there's a fuel shortage!

Check out the induction capabilities in this lot!

11 carbs, 2 blowers and 24 cylinders! Hoo-Ya!

Here's another shot of the Palazzo roadster.

I'm not quite sure what those girls were doing in there all day, but they didn't move.

They weren't even making Vroom Vroom noises!

OK... OK, back to the Rat Rods.

Not quite sure what year this pickup is, but I've been told it's been built on a '34 chassis.

In case you're wondering what those guys are looking at, it's a neat little flathead, what else!

Oh no! Not ANOTHER shot of that damn Buick! Sorry, I just had to, as it really shows up the flames nicely.

Hmmmm.... wonder if it'll go any lower?

You'll never guess what kind of induction setup this Hot Rod has got.

Clue : Look up the page a little.

This neat little roadster was hiding around the back. To me it looks like a real 40s era rod.

Very simple and very clean with a really nice line from the cowl to the '32 grille.

Sorry about the POS van in the background, but the guy parked it there just as I was taking my shot.

Turns out he left a few minutes later. Don't you hate that!

Now here's something you don't see every day. A Mercury Park Lane mild custom.

I'm not sure of the year, but judging by the roof line, it's '65 or later.

The green was a great shade and really made the car stand out.

I'm not really a fan of mid-late 30s Chevs, but that's probably because not enough people do them up like this.

Usually they've got some leftover chrome wheels from the 80s and some raised white letter tyres.

This one is COOL!

Did I mention I've got a bit of a soft spot for Bugs? It might be because my Dad's first car was a '66 Beetle, but unfortunately his didn't look anything like this one.

This was parked outside and I only saw it as I was leaving. I really like it.