John's Picnic 2004 - Page 15



Not sure what Route 66 has to do with hair wax, but it's a pretty cool jar, that's for sure.
Brett owns this old school Model A roadster and drives the wheels off it (and obviously the fenders too!)
Some red roadster from somewhere.
Even guys from the Spades Hot Rod Club go to the Kustom Ink stand.

We tried to organise a bit of a get together, but this is all we could manage.

(L-R)Glen?, Me, Geoff 'Whodaky' Rea, Wayne 'Peddro' Hadfield, Corey 'Flatoz' Swift and 'Stovebolt' (sorry, forgot your real name mate.)

Graeme Blaby's '34 Tudor. This car has actually been featured in The Rodder's Journal. Now that's something!
It might look like an old speedway racer, but this thing was actually built to be driven on the road.
This is a very famous Aussie hot rod. Originally campaigned by Darryl Harvey, the car has recently been bought by David Green of the Spades. He's going to keep it pretty much as it is and just keep it running.
Yes, the 'patina' is REAL!

Beautiful 3-window that I quite often see when I'm in Victoria.

There are other photos of it on this website somewhere...