Perth Visit August 2003 - Page 4



Nope, we're still not done at Phil's place. Of course, if you sell one car, and it only leaves you with one, then you have to buy another one... don't you???

Phil picked up this old restored beauty for a daily driver. It's got the baby seat in the back and gets used to go to the shops all the time. That's what I like to see.
Byoodifull velour interior.

...and 50 stump pulling horse power under the bonnet.

Phil is toying with hopping the motor up a bit and putting a dropped axle in it.

I say DO IT!


Well that pretty much sums it up for Saturday. I think there was some family stuff in between. Had to go and meet my brand new niece that my sister had brought over from Tasmania, but she didn't have any cool cars, so I didn't hang around for long.

Sunday it was off to see Craig Cooper's '58 Chev. I had also seen some pics of this car and knew that it was going to be pretty nice. When I got there I was blown away by the quality and finish of the paint, and that was just on the steering components!!! The car has since been painted and I'm sure it turned out absolutely stunning.


This car is also on air bags and runs similar wheels to the '57 pickup.

Green... Green is nice. :)

This is actually a very rare car as it is an original RHD 4 door hardtop. I believe the correct name is "Belair Sports Sedan".
Stick your head in there and yell and you can hear an echo... echo... echo...
As you can see, the car is painted everywhere and it is all way better than the top side of my car!
Like I said, the steering components on thsi car are painted better than most cars body panels!
More of the paint detail. In case you're wondering, it was done by "Bushy". He spends most of his day painting motorbikes.