DLRA Speed Week 2005 - Page 5


The slightly crazy boys from the Silverton Pub were back with their supercharged V8 motorbike. That's the great thing about salt lake racing - Build something and provided it meets safety requirements and passes tech, you can race it. The spirit of hot rodding is alive and well out on the salt, it really is the Last Frontier of Motor Racing.

Another shot of the Commondoore, but I just like it.

Getting a bit arty, sorry 'bout that.

No, that's not a REALLY clean back window. It blew out at somewhere around 150mph. It's not real pretty, but it can still run over 175mph.

Nice line up of Fords ready to go.

Norm Hardinge's helmet. His business is Aussie Desert Coolers, hence the radiator on steroids. I tihnk the green stuff is what happens when you sneeze at 200mph.

Great looking race car.

I took quite a few shots of Norm and Oggie's roadster.