DLRA Speed Week 2005 - Page 4


Lionel West is the other driver of Bronze Aussie. He's a pretty clever bloke when it comes to fabrication and did a lot of work on the car when it was being built. Rod chose the VR Commodore as it was the most aerodynamic body shape.

Mark Hadfield's '67 Mustang leaves the line. .

Gorgeous Ducati awaits its turn at the start line.

Norm, Oggie and hot rod legen, Tex Smith, stand proudly next to the Big Knob Racing banner.

It might not look like it, but that's John Lynch and his belly tank on the way to 301.729mph.

And there it is in the book. I just happened to be in the timing caravan when the speed was recorded. That was the first time a wheel driven car had gone that fast on Aussie soil. Pretty impressive stuff.

Nothing but the finest for the boys in the timing caravan.

Nothing blocking the sunsets out on Lake Gairdner.