Castlemaine Rods 2002

Saturday Page 2

Now here's a nice family car. I saw this go past us in Bendigo. Looks just as good going down the road as it does sitting still.

Pretty easy design brief. I'll have mine low, black and with polished American's. There you go, Perfect!

Just goes to show that you don't need a Nomad to have a cool tri-five Chevy long roof.

Love the spats, the 210(?) trim and the flames. See, flames can look good in different colours.

I'm not really a fan of white Hot Rods, it's a colour best left to Taxi's, but once again, for some reason it works on this car. Maybe it's just the sheer starkness and simplicity of the black and white.

Check out the drilled axle... or is it???

This great little Improved A has graced my pages before. Back at the '99 Hot Rod Nationals it was plain red. It also had a twin carb flathead, but that motor died, probably due to being driven too much!

The owner, Steve, really gets around. He lives about an hour North of Sydney and was on his way back from the National's in Tasmania.

Steve's a really nice guy and the amazing thing is... He's a POM! Wonders will never cease!

Here's a close up of the nose art on Steve's Coupe. Don't know who did it, whether it's an original or what, but one thing's for sure, it's the real thing. All paint, none of that stick on stuff.

Here's a shot of about half of the cars and just some of the crowd. An absolutely glorious day that is so typical of an Aussie autumn.

Well done to Larry and the Castlemaine crowd for organising such perfect weather... and the free beer!

This is the World Famous "Roll Out a Roadster" project car... if you read ASR you would have heard about it.

For those that came in late, Chris Henry has been building and documenting the build up of this great little Hot Rod modified over the last year or so. Each issue he precisely explains what progress he has achieved and even gives us pictures.

If you saw what this thing started off as, you'd be amazed! Well done Chris, it looks better than I ever thought it would.

Now if this isn't the world's smallest two seat Hot Rod, I'll be...

It is entirely made from the bits and pieces of a Ford Prefect and only cost $1200 to build.

Everyone loved this little thing, especially our visiting Hot Rod Legend, Tex Smith. When Tex was presenting the trophy, he started his speech with... "Now THIS is a Hot Rod!". Built with what he had available, for very little cost and best of all, whenever you walked up to it to check it out, you could smell wet paint. Great stuff.

This scale model of a blown Offy was unbelievable. The guy builds them completely from scratch. He makes the patterns and casts and machines every single piece of the engine. AMAZING!

The old guy (sorry, I've forgotten his name) worked for a company that did a lot of the pattern making for the Ford Motor Company. At one time he had an XY Falcon ute that he had specially ordered with full GT running gear. I wonder where that is now.

This mean and low Deuce Coupe belongs to Rod Hadfield's partner in crime, Bill Musset. The wheels are early American Racing that look like Cragar S/S's.

I'm not sure what it runs, but it is pretty serious, whatever it is.

It's a bit hard to tell in this photo, but this Chevy roadster is lilac with darker purple flames. Just something a little different from the usual.

There was actually quite a few Chevy Hot Rods there.

Now I'm not sure what's going on with the number plate here, but it's definitely not a '34. I know that.

Pretty crazy flames. I think the inside layer flames were what was on the car originally. Obviously too much flames is never enough, so the rest were put on later.

Here's another one of my all time favourite Hot Rods. This one belongs to Mark Brownrigg and is also on my "Garage Crawl" page.

I like it with the wires and the radials. Once again, simple is often the best.

Just a nice clean Valiant Coupe. It's hard to tell in the pic, but it's got some late model door handles. Power comes from a very nicely detailed 318. Love the Minilite's too. Where's the race track?

One tough Deuce Coupe. I believe the owner of this Hot Rod is a converted Street Machiner.

Pretty good effort for a first try.

Like it says on the plates, Good A! Just another one of those rare raised roof Model A Coupes.
Now this is a HOT ROD. I don't know anything about it except that...

It's got an ARDUN! It's not too often that you see one of these, especially running. What a great looking engine.

I wonder if he's going to paint the car?

I like XR (1967) Falcon's too. I saw this one on the Sunday at the Swap Meet. Underneath the hood is a Windsor equipped with a twin quad setup. Very nice.

This awesome Dodge custom rolled up late on the Saturday night for the Drive-In movie that had been setup on one of the main streets.

There's more shots of it on the Sunday page.