Big Al's Poker Run 2005 - Page 5


Another '58 Cadillac and another car built by a friend of mine. This is one of the many cars that Richie Balazic has got on the road over the last 15 years or so. When I met him he had only just got his license and already had a very cool EK Holden to cruise around in. He's now progressed to a '53 Cadillac coupe - black of course!

The trim on Tony Gatani's Cusso.

The classic hot rod look. Model A on '32 rails and a '32 grille. It's been done a million times before - as has the black and red colour scheme - and it ALWAYS looks good.

A colourful line-up of cars headed up by the Paul Walsh-built Dodge C-cab (now owned by Jimbo). Next in line is a Model A Tudor that Lloyd Collier briefly owned, before a couple of subtle tweaks made it so desirable to someone else that he just had to let it go.

One of those 'subtle' tweaks was the not so subtle engine.

The great thing about hot rods and old cars in general are the great colours. How's this for a combination!

Grace Linfoot's '55 Chevy has some very fancy paintwork courtesy of Terry Rowe.

Those chopper pushbikes might look cool, but they're a mongrel to ride!

A classic Perth hot rod that has been around for at least as long as I can remember... and do you think I can remember the owner's name...

Dave Whitehead's 'Golden Idol' custom '56 Vicky. Built entirely in his back shed, it's one amazing car.