Big Al's Poker Run 2005 - Page 4


Brian French rocks up in his '56 Chevy pick-up. It's now sporting a set of turquoise scallops.

This looks like one of them fancy 340 four-barrel Chargers...

Yep! Looks like a pretty Mickey Mouse Limelight E55 to me. Wonder how much oil you spill when you change the filter on one of these engines?

A Mopar with some serious muscle. I did ask whether the car could actually back up the number plates and the owner said it would when it had the new engine.

Apparently the engine had run 9s in another car, so therefore... slightly flawed logic, but I wouldn't be picking on this car, even if it did 'only' run a 10-second quarter!

So much chrome you can see it from the Moon! The '58 Cadillac, excess at its finest.

I'm pretty sure this is Rory Smith's T-bucket from down Mandurah way. Very simple and cool little unit.

A couple of blokes admire the workmanship on Greg Wilton's FB Holden. It's running a 262ci Chevy V6 (looks like 3/4 of an SBC) and has been converted to a two-door. I wrote a feature story on this car for Street Machine, which was published some time in the latter half of 2004 (I think).

A very tidy XR Fairmont, and thanks to that 289 under the hood, a pretty rare bird as well. Love the GT caps, whitewalls and the number plates. For those not from around these parts, they are Toodyay plates, a country town about an hour out of Perth.

Sexy lines of a '67 Mustang fastback... or is it a '68?

A friend of mine built this car and it has since gone through a couple of owners. Not sure why, 390, four-speed, bench seat and left-hand-drive sure would make it fun to drive!